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Mold Tests and Testing for Mold Black Mold Toxic Mold

                                                        Mold Testing Can be Complex, 
                    there are Many Ways to Test for Mold


Medical Testing

Physicians use many different medical tests to try and detect mold in the human body, some provide good information, while others provide no valuable information whatsoever.

The Wrong Medical Tests for Mold Exposure

Inflammatory Marker Testing

Inflammatory marker testing such as: C-Reactive Protein, C3A, C4A and other inflammatory maker testing is inconclusive due to the fact that even pollen can stimulate a positive test result.

HLA DR Gene Test

This test is nothing more than short of fraud. It is a genetic test which indicates that the patient has a sensitivity level to mold greater than that of a person that does not test positive for the gene. However, it gives neither the patient or the treating physician any direction for treatment or recovery. No more than saying you're allergic to mold stay away from it, as no one can alter or repair your DNA.

The Right Medical Tests for Mold Exposure

IgE Testing

IgE testing is an allergy test. This test can be used to show where the exposure took place. If the patient tests positive at one level, and is then removed from the contaminated environment, and retested and shows lower levels of antigen, this would indicate that the environment that the patient left was the environment that caused the exposure.

Invasive Fungal Infection (IFI)

Exposure to mold can cause fungal infections in human beings. Once thought that only persons with AIDS / HIV or a compromised immune system could become infected, this is no longer the case. It has been proven anyone can contract a fungal infection when exposed to a moldy environment.

Mycotoxin Test

The Mycotoxin M-7 test is very important when dealing with mold exposure. Mycotoxins are the organic poisons produced by mold and are toxic compounds that can cause disease, disability and cancer in human beings.

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Environmental Testing

You can spend a lot of money on Mold testing and get all of the wrong answers, even the wrong results. Not all Mold tests are the same and the people who are doing the testing, each have different levels of skill.     

Air Quality Tests or AIR-O-CELL Tests  

These tests are the most common, highly unreliable and are easily beaten in court. Not to say that many court cases have been not been won with this technology, but it is the most primitive.

Swab, bulk and tape samples, or direct contact samples are highly reliable.

If you are trying to prove health damages in a mold claim the correct environmental test is an EPA-36 or an ERMI "WITHOUT the SCORE".