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Mold Tests for Mold and Black Mold Testing

Why Have Mold Testing Done?

There are a lot of reasons you may need to test for Mold or want mold testing done

  • Insurance Purposes
  • Health Reasons
  • For a Law Suit
  • Pre- Remediation Testing
  • Post Remediation Testing
  • To Prove it is actually Mold


When dealing with any insurance company you should have your own testing done. The reason is simple these people are working for and are being paid by the insurance company. If their professional examiner finds no mold, they are off the hook and that examiner probably has a lot more mold testing work coming to them.

Many times when the insurance company Contractor has found no Mold, the private company hired by the client finds a lot of Mold. If you think hiring a testing company is expensive, think about you paying to replace everything in your house instead. It will pay to get your own facts.

Health Reasons

Mold has now been linked to multiple illnesses and serious diseases. It is estimated that over 10 million Americans are sick with Mold related illnesses. Many have been misdiagnosed with  Asthma, Emphysema,Fibromyalgea and other mystery diseases, in many cases it turns out these illnesses are caused from Mold exposure.

If Mold infects your lungs, sinuses, skin or other parts of your body and goes untreated like any other infection it will continue to get worse. There are tests that can check for Mold exposure in the human body. If you feel you’ve been exposed to mold seek professional help. Also, to learn more you may want to put into a web search engine "Mold Sickness" Or "Answers Mold Sickness" for more information.

Mold Law Suits

If you are thinking about a possible Mold Law Suit, the first thing you had better do is hire someone who is a Mold Certified professional and have them do your testing and document the results immediately.

Pre-Mold Remediation Testing

This may be necessary to prove to the insurance company that "yes", it is actually Mold, or for an Apartment or Condominium Management Company. Also you may just want to verify it is Mold before you spend the money to have Mold Remediation done.

Post Remediation Mold Testing

Whenever you have had Mold Remediation done, post remediation Mold testing after the job is finished should be mandatory. Do not take no for an answer. And if the job fails testing make sure whoever did the job will come back and clean it again at "No Charge". Actually it is advisable not to make your final payment for the Mold Remediation until the Post tests come back acceptable.